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long time no lj [26 Aug 2006|09:44pm]
tomorrow is going to be one of the worst days of my life

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hahah [10 Aug 2006|09:35am]
i think it's kind of funny that the only 2 people on my lj friends who ever update are sarah and nirantha. just thought i'd share that.
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nvm. [30 Jun 2006|07:14pm]
so uhhh you know how when you're really angry/upset/whatever one day, and then the next day you wonder why you were even angry/upset/whatever? that's what happened with my last update, heh...
anyway, this week was the shiznit (especially tuesday), besides being emo for like one day. i love the summer. next week is also gonna be quite awesome, because i only have to work 2 days, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KEWL!!!!!!! (that is for sarah.)
i really have nothing to say, so i'm not quite sure why i'm still talking...
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heheheheheheheh [08 Jun 2006|11:25pm]
i definitely havent updated this in quite a while. and since i have nothing to do, well... now i am :)
summer = so KEWL. my days consist of waking up anytime between 11 and 12, working out, and then going to work at 3! this week was kinda off schedule though, because of orientation, which was interesting, and kind of boring.
canada next week! yay!
yeah i really have nothing else to say. this was pointless. i just wanted a reason to write something in here.
and i'm definitelly not emo (today)!
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhHH! [15 Apr 2006|10:58pm]


7 DAYS!!!!!!
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oh em gee oh em gee oh em gee oh em gee oh em gee [01 Apr 2006|09:54pm]


holy shit!?!?!?

doesn't cut it this time :)
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spring break!!!! [26 Mar 2006|10:54pm]
this spring break was so awesome.
it began with a surprise visit from vinayak and abhishek on saturday (which was probably like the highlight of the entire week). i was so excited that i almost molested vinayak. uhhh jk. (not really)
and then, i left for pittsburgh the next day, which was cool (literally). but more than anything, the snow was what excited me! its strange, but with snow, you forget how cold it actually is. and the trip was full of adventures, like getting in stuck in denver for 24 hours, and then seeing a snowstorm there while we were stranded-ish! oh and the airmall in the pittsburgh airport is prettty cool! i bought a scarf and some HEAVY DUTY gloves for only a total of $10!!! oh and of course, the university was quite awesome too!
when i came back wednesday afternoon to wonderful phoenix (which i missed dearly), i walked around everywhere without a sweater, and bragged about how i didn't feel cold after being in freaking cold pittsburgh.
i got my (real) prom dress on friday, which is THE prettiest dress i've ever had the pleasure of wearing. i am most definitely excited to wear it!!!!
then, i asked a boy to prom on saturday, which was a little awkward. oh and hung out with megan who is freaking awesome!!!
today, i played tennis for 3 hours with zane (yes i called him zane and not bean because hes no longer bean because he doesn't need a codename anymore). and he is still pretty cute, and he hasn't changed one bit after going to college which makes me extremely happy. (though in december it had seemed like he had, but alas, he hasn't). oh and i kicked his butt really bad today.
starting tomorrow, school is not going to be bad at all, because 1. prom is in 2 weeks 2. (real) prom is in another 2 weeks!! 3. graduation like 3 weeks after that! so pretty much, life is absolutely fantastic.
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oh YAY [18 Mar 2006|02:19pm]
today ranks among one of the best days, ever.
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bye corn hi okra [13 Mar 2006|09:47pm]
that was so shortlived. oh well!

in other news, only 4 more days till spring break, less than 4 weeks until prom (why i'm counting that down i do not know), 71 days till graduation, and 2 months and 14 days until my birthday!
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it's poetry time in tulika's lj [20 Feb 2006|07:17pm]
pienso en ti cuando me acuesto para que yo sueña bien de tu cara lisa
pienso en ti cuando me despierto para que me levante con una sonrisa
cuando oigo tu voz me siento bien
por eso, la respuesta diaria a "cuantas veces pensé en ti?" es cien

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH [27 Dec 2005|09:45am]
ITS LIKE ALMOST THE END OF THE BEST YEAR EVER (no joke). so here is a tribute to you, 2005.
i will miss youCollapse )
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i dont know why, but i decided to post my poem [03 Oct 2005|08:24pm]
yes it was my assignment for english, but whatever!

"Lines Composed Amid the Loneliness of a Crowd"

A single drop of water makes no mark
Or change, if in a puddle on the ground.
Together, many droplets can create
A storm, some rain, a vision grand to see,
But how can one drop make a change alone?

A solitary creature is not found
That wanders during starlit skies of night,
A single blade of grass is never seen
Inside a desert, planted in the sand.

Among a crowd, no matter where the place,
It's always one against them all, alone
In battling such a shameful fact of life.
To be left out is awful in itself.
Why not unite? For changes could occur.
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i wanted to do this too [17 Jul 2005|06:51pm]
Hourly Distribution of thetulipgarden's Journal Entries (FULL JOURNAL version)


σ: 10.446234226926
σ2: 109.12380952381
Least-Squares Pentic Regression:
-0.00031829227086862x5 + 0.017167131070706x4 + -0.32275155668395x3 + 2.5286341861582x2 + -6.958317521402x1 + 3.1159151193644x0

When do you post?
Created by g0thm0g!
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question: [18 Jun 2005|10:18am]
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[09 Apr 2005|10:30pm]
i am in the midst of making (almost) my entire lj friends only/private. BAHAHAHA just thought i'd share that.
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schnebly! [16 Mar 2005|09:16pm]
It is crazy how 24 hours can feel like an entire week. I also like looking gay in pictures. I am quite a coward when it comes to certain things. Yesterday was like the weirdest day ever. It was like everywhere i went, people knew something i didn't know and were keeping it from me? Ironically this all occurred in Flagstaff. Flagstaff is awesome, and snow is also quite awesome, except that it is so freaking cold and i think i prefer nice hot and sunny Phoenix. I learned how not to make a waffle. yum. Treading on un-trodden upon snow is the best. Snow looks like icing on a cake. YUM. I love spring break.
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i am a master at trivial pursuit. just kidding. [11 Feb 2005|09:47pm]
i am almost positive that this week has been like horrible for everybody i know. and i say almost, cuz i only know one person who has been happy. but besides that fact, i call this week "the week before valentines day" (which is why this week is jinxed). Valentines day is like the single most stupid holiday ever invented. Seriously, i think that "infamous" person who invented it should be like tied up, put in a trash can, and rolled down a neverending hill. I think then he (or she) would then somehow find that this holiday is stupid and pointless and depressing, but mostly the first two.
i hope i've made my point.
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heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kids [05 Sep 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | COFFEE ]

Hi its Tulika. Want to know some random facts about me? you dooo? good!

1. I didnt know that the Finches in "To Kill a Mockingbird," were white.
2. The funniest movie i've ever seen is Dodgeball. "Let's all gang up on little, weak people like WINSTON!"
3. I think Tom Welling is cute!(But of course, i can't really say, cuz i dont watch SMALLVILLE, according to Malvika, the best show ever)
4. I am sooo over ahem...something.
5. I need to gain weight!
6. I am the last letter of ANT(ulika)
7. I am a Bush non supporter
8. I dislike Dmitri
9. Anjali (moorthy of course) is my Hero
10. I have a tsssk tskkkahahah laugh.
11. I also have a chipmunk laugh
12. Kal Ho Na Ho seriously rocks my socks off *My feet are bare now!!! aahhh!*
13. I have dreams....
14. Do you?
15. I bet you do.
16. Tell me BITCH
17. just kidding.
18. You're not a bitch
19. Did i mention tht i didn't know the Finches were white?
20. cuz i didnt
21. Anjali (moorthy of course) is my HERO!!
22. Anjali (moorthy of course) is my HERO!!
23. Anjali (moorthy of course) is my HERO!!
24. Anjali (moorthy of course) is my HERO!!
25. Anjali (moorthy of course) is my HERO!!
26. Anjali (moorthy of course) is my HERO!!
27. Anjali (moorthy of course) is my HERO!!
28. Anjali (moorthy of course) is my HERO!!
29. Anjali (moorthy of course) is my HERO!!
30. Anjali (moorthy of course) is my HERO!!
31. Stars are SO overrated
32. I wish upon satellite fool
33. Vinayak's sister's name is also Anjali
34. Did you know?
35. I did
36. WHAT IS the meaning of life? hmmmmm?
37. Are we just a tiny meanlingless spec in the giganticmegasuperbig universe?

later kids. peace

p.s. Tulika says this entry was written by Anjali.

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HAHA OMG these are so funny and entertaining [03 Sep 2004|09:03pm]
[ mood | amused ]

heheCollapse )

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shtuff [19 Jul 2004|06:42pm]

^haha now THATS more like it...
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